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Acupressure Using
Holographic Technology

The Factor
Women's Fitness

WHAT IS HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY? Holograms are quarter size discs that can be programmed with electromagnetic frequencies. Once programmed, the hologram can be placed on acupressure points. Acupressure points are places on the skin that are especially sensitive to bio electrical impulses. When the holograms are correctly embedded with the proper electromagnetic programming, the body readily responds to these impulses.
THE FACTOR is specially designed to help women reach their fitness goals. This book was written to be one of the most comprehensive, easy to understand books on women's fitness available. It is based on scientific principles, but written in simple laymen's terms. It could be one of the best fitness investments you will ever make. This book will cover a number of topics concerning your overall fitness needs. Welcome to the woman's edge THE FACTOR
Winningfactor Menu Planner has the flexibility to adjust to anyone's philosophy about diets when creating menus, (whether you are creating a Normal, Vegetarian, Vegan or pH type menu). The user has total control over all aspects of the menu design. The user inputs the amount of calories in grams of protein and carbohydrates for each meal serving that user has pre-selected. The user also enters the daily amount of fat to be consumed.
Sports Specific Training Systems. Now everyone has access to the same programs that are used by numerous professional, world class, and Olympic athletes. The training systems consist of approximately 100 to 210 pages. The programs contain: stretching, attribute training, and incorporate 3 to 4 phases of sports-specific or general, fitness-related exercises. Each phase has its own tracking, progress evaluation forms, an overview, key points, daily menu, event day menu, pre and post workout meals, and body composition tracking. Our programs are the most complete, proven-effective, training systems available.
<< MORE - holographic scalar wave technology assisting in top performance.
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